Prof. Dr Boris Subotic

The path from a professional athlete, through karate coach to the doctor.

Interest in the sport, I gained long ago as a very young boy when at the age of 7, under the coach Aleksandar Jugovic I started playing in an Osijek club’s youth football school. After completing the first stages of training, I fell in love with the goalkeepers’ role and continued to train and play in junior and later senior and first division. While regularly training and playing as a goalkeeper, a lot of interest I was paying to karate, which I quite often trained through my junior and senior goalkeeper’s career.

At the age of  17, I went to play in Danish football club Lyngby Boldklub. Unfortunately,  due to injuries and youthful whims I stayed only one season. Upon my return, still a very young and promising I continued to train karate and become a karate coach which job I continued to serve profoundly.





Your Health is Important



I still very much remember  , he first steps in the world of alternative medicine. Once when my mother complains,  to me of a severe headache, I laid my hands on her head, and then intuitively moved them over certain parts of the head. To our amazementremember,thickly disappeared, and I remember doing her the same “session” again 1-2complainsnd then from her 40-ies up to her old age she did never again complain of headaches. Today, I know what at that point I could not know, and that is that is a gallbladder meridian problem.

The primary influence and interest towards this principle of treatment came through the fact that as a karate coach I often had the opportunity in many competitions to see Japanese fighters after the match helping themselves by acupressure to specific parts of the body as well as pressing on the certain meridians. The result was such that the less injured fighters could go back to the competition, and those seriously injured were tolerating the pain much easier.  With the help of these Japanese fighters, I began to study and apply acupressure and shiatsu techniques on my karate students and fighters, and the success was surprisingly excellent. Because of these results, I decided to learn further and explore the Shiatsu techniques and traditional Chinese medicine. That’s how it all started.

The knowledge during the long years of learning I gained from many teachers. All have left an enormous impression on me, and I especially love to remember Prof. Dr Sir Anthony Jayasuriya,  the founder of the modern Chinese medicine.

Very soon I realised that many people take a little attention to their health, and much less or even nothing at all on the prevention.

Using the techniques of traditional Chinese medicine, I managed to have very pleasant and fruitful results with the clients. Despite the good results,  I’m still looking for the ways to be even more successful.

 When I introduced metabolic type patient testing and based on the results applied individually specific techniques, recovery of my clients was even better and faster. Then towards a real and long-term health, we needed much fewer rehabilitation techniques and time. Also, I began to use the Chinese traditional medicine in the fight with parasites that elicit immense damage with the severe consequences to human health. This approach is giving us excellent results, so among my clients were more and more athletes among whom were international players, team players, tennis players, karate fighters and others.


In working with professional athletes we had an extraordinary success, and many of them were “too early” written off by the profession.  I am euphoric to know that the diet system and some defensive techniques can prevent many common and undesirable and frequent states of health and injuries.

And if the injuries occur, one thing is sure, and that is that we can use the appropriate method from a vast arsenal of techniques and return the players to training and play as soon as possible. And here we must point out that even with an ideal method we need to allow a minimum time that is naturally necessary to rehabilitate the injury.



We well know that under the pressure, some players and their coaching staff used the famous “blockade”, all to repair the damage as quickly and efficiently. I never supported such actions, and it is worth to mention that it is a criminal offence for which the player and the doctor should bear the consequences.

Fair Play is a Fair Play, and I still stand by a particular natural order. We believe that the results achieved this way are better than when someone is doing things with even a slight force. The natural process should get the time to do its job.

I’m very pleased when I see that despite enormous pressure because of the results, competition and coaching staff, athletes take a responsibility and are willing to learn to put their health in their control.

 To be able to bring a high standard success, I am using several superior techniques, but this specific one is a very simple, Dr Johanna Budwig protocol,  for which I am a certified specialist. It is a nutritional treatment method, a superior cold-pressed linseed oil and cottage cheese combination. I adopted and improved the protocol, and this technique gives us excellent results, of course, unless we are using it unprofessionally. Therefore, the protocol treatment should be left to those skilled.

 There are many useful treating methods, just like the ways to stay healthy, but they are meaningless if not used and coordinated properly. Health is only one and it should not have a price, but most importantly we have to know how to keep it!

I wish you good health to your joy and satisfaction through many coming years.


Health is Wealth.



Two experts in the Dr.  Budwig protocol, on the left Prof. Boris Subotic  and Lothar Hirneise, the last collaborator of the late  Dr. Joanna Budwig.  

Pr. Dr. Sir Anthony Jayasuriya (second from the left) the founder of the modern Chinese medicine and Dr. Boris Subotic (fourth from the left).